The trial lawyers at Mincey & Fitzpatrick are leading the fight for the injured. We leverage our resources to provide access to justice and promote policy changes that improve the quality of life for victims of civil rights abuses as well as the catastrophically injured. Our financial recoveries help you provide for yourself and your family, and help begin the process of rebuilding your lives, brick by brick.

Diversity isn’t just about how we look. . .

Mincey & Fitzpatrick is more than a “minority firm”; we are redefining the meaning of diversity in the legal profession through our mission, our approach, and our people. Diversity isn’t just about how we look; it’s about how we approach the job and why we win. Our team of lawyers and legal professionals has varied backgrounds with the absolute finest training that the profession has to offer. Our legal acumen and strategic focus is a hallmark of our practice. Our compassionate understanding of the underlying social impact and financial challenges faced by our clients as a result of their injuries is a bedrock principle of our firm. Having a lawyer who intimately understands you and your family means having a more effective advocate. That is our diversity advantage, and it benefits our clients at every stage of our legal representation.

We are accessible when you need us, responsive when you call us. No matter what, we’re here for you. We want people to say, “I’m glad I hired you” and we work very hard to earn that compliment every day.