Mincey & Fitzpatrick is a Minority-Owned law firm that focuses its Charter School Law practice on representing clients who have dedicated themselves to educating children in underserved communities.

We view a free and quality education as the exercise of a fundamental civil right, and work zealously to ensure that right is protected. Our diversity perspective is a ‘difference maker’ in community engagement and consensus building. Our experiences and unique skillset as civil rights attorneys and business advisors allows us to objectively, critically and aggressively identify legal issues and provide solutions.

Skilled Trial Attorneys who provide informed and strategic legal advice on litigation matters inherent to charter school administration, including employment law and education civil rights matters.

  • We are resources for boards, school leaders and administrators who bring practical experience and problem-solving skills.

Sound Negotiators with Business Acumen leveraged by industry relationships and strategic partnerships to achieve client goals.

  • Our attorneys hold advanced business and legal degrees—LLMs and MBAs—that broaden our reach and enhance our effectiveness. Our credentials help to establish credibility that our clients can rely upon in negotiations and when forecasting for the future of their schools.

Dedicated Board Advisors who empower clients to make well-reasoned and informed decisions, assist in development of school leadership teams aligned to Board directives and objectives, and provide advice and training.

  • We have broad experience working in the complicated environments such as school reorganizations, budget cuts, leadership turnover, process improvements and other complex scenarios.

Aggressive Education Advocates willing to partner with authorizers to reach school improvement goals, challenge district officials to promote educational objectives, and secure charter school renewals.

  • Experience in developing and evaluating school performance against legal guidelines.
“Hands-on Charter School attorneys with a diversity perspective and a unique skill set in the Charter School space.”
  • Charter Applications
  • Charter Law Compliance
  • Non-Renewal And Charter Revocation
  • Charter Management Agreements
  • Student Discipline, Expulsion
  • Special Education Issues
  • Board Training
  • Ethics Act Compliance
  • Sunshine Act Compliance
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Developing Administrative Policies And Procedures