Kevin V. Mincey, Partner

Kevin V. Mincey is a purebred trial lawyer.  While the strategy he employs in each case is often what gains attention, for Kevin, it’s the people he’s working for that matter most. He approaches each case as a unique opportunity to right a wrong and improve a family’s future circumstances.  Simply put, standing up for individual rights is what motivates him.  Case by case, over the course of many noteworthy trials and settlements, Mr. Mincey has built a reputation for out-preparing his opponents and finding new ways to effectively try or mediate a case.

Mr. Mincey is a well-trained trial attorney who honed his trial skills and earned his reputation prosecuting and defending criminal cases. As a result of his remarkable success, his law practice has expanded into the areas of personal injury and civil rights.

Through noteworthy trial victories, Mr. Mincey has demonstrated that his attention to detail and insistence on excellent client representation can transform cases with dire outlooks into wins:

In a case that pitted his client against the Philadelphia Police Department, Mr. Mincey’s inquisitive and assertive nature made the difference in obtaining a victory for his client. On the night in question, the Philadelphia Police Department asserted that the use of physical force was necessary to subdue two defendants following a dispute at a popular bowling alley. In court and in all of the police documentation of the incident, the officers made no mention of video surveillance of the incident being recovered by police—thus putting their word against the client’s. Mr. Mincey was not satisfied with this explanation and decided to visit the bowling alley where the altercation occurred. He quickly realized that there were video cameras spread throughout the building and became curious as to why there was no videotape to review. Further investigation revealed that the police department not only knew about the video, but also had it in their possession. The judge dismissed the case and a settlement was later awarded to Mr. Mincey’s client.

Two years later, Mr. Mincey was lead counsel on a trial that resulted in the dismissal of a bogus aggravated assault accusation that could have placed his client in State Prison. On the night in question, the Philadelphia Police Department accused Mr. Mincey’s client of chasing down and tackling a police officer in the middle of the street. The officer accused the defendant of purposefully doing so despite the fact that the defendant was blind. In a grand courtroom demonstration, Mr. Mincey convinced the jury that his client was innocent by encouraging him to remove his glass eye and display it to the court. Not only did the jury hearing the case find the client “Not Guilty”, but Mr. Mincey also won a significant settlement for his client after filing a lawsuit in Federal Court.

In another case, Mr. Mincey was again tasked with defending the civil rights of a client after they were unjustly attacked by the Philadelphia Police Department. The officers who initiated the confrontation claimed that Mr. Mincey’s client was publicly drunk and thus deserved the mistreatment that resulted in emergency dental surgery. Upon review, however, Mr. Mincey discovered that in the report filed by the emergency room, his client was not in the state he was accused to be. The case, not yet completely closed, is expected to receive a hefty settlement.

Through these three examples, it is clear that Mr. Mincey is committed to defending those whose voices may seem small when placed next to state organizations. Because of his familiarity with the inner-workings of the judicial system, Mr. Mincey is not fazed by this perceived challenge and will stop at nothing to get the best for his client.

Due to the consistent quality of Mr. Mincey’s work, he has been awarded many honors and has held countless esteemed positions. For example, in 2013, Mr. Mincey was added to the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Innocence project while simultaneously being recognized as “Lawyer on the Fast Track” by the Legal Intelligencer. Mr. Mincey is also a member of the National Bar Association (NBA), the oldest and largest association of African American lawyers and judges in the country. He currently serves the NBA as a member of the Judicial Selection Committee, and previously served as Director of Region 3 (an area that covers PA, NJ, & Delaware), and Deputy Director of region 3. Additionally, Mr. Mincey is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.

Mr. Mincey honed his professional outlook at the Howard University School of Law in Washington D.C.; culminating in the completion of his Juris Doctorate degree. Prior to achieving his Juris Doctorate, Mr. Mincey attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore where he received his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, magna cum laude honors.